Pacific Acquisitions

Pacific Acquisitions

As part of its expanded reach, Pacific Ocean Logistics has acquired all businesses and resources from three companies operating in the Pacific Region, effective Jan 1, 2021.

These three companies each represents areas of interest to Pacific Ocean Logistics and will extent our portfolio of services to all of our current and new clients.

The companies are:

Oceania Tech (former Oceania Clean Tech) is a company specialized in sale and distribution of clean and green technology, such as water purification systems, solar panels, and hydrogen fuel cell technologies.

CryptoworX is a security development firm specialized in voting technologies and e-currency systems.

INFINITY is a consulting company, providing special advisors for governmental, commercial, industrial, nonprofit, and utility companies. They advise on and implement a broad range of technology, information management and energy solutions, global comprehensive implementation of large-scale community utility and energy-efficiency programs.

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