Namdrik Pearl Farm

Namdrik Pearl Farm

Here’s some reasons to pursue pearls from the Marshall Islands:

  • South Sea Pearls most sought after worldwide.
  • Namdrik pearls are the only wild-growing black pearl above the Equator, making it unique.
  • Natural Saltwater Pearls sells at factor 100 more than freshwater pearls because of deeper colors and luster.
  • Perfect pearls 15 mm+ up to $25.000.
  • Highest priced colors are Black and Yellow (Gold), the two types found in Namdrik.

Currently, the pearls are sold on regular auctions to buyers coming to the Marshall Islands, which are few buyers and low prices.

A permanent partnership connection with the Pearl Farm, works in the interest of both parties. Regular continuous sale through us as a partner will result in fixed recurring income for the farm that is currently run as a community-owned project for the roughly 400 people living on the Atoll, qualifying this partnership as potentially fair-trade marked.

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